Xavier Brignoni was an artist before he became an artist. I remember days in which his curiosity to create art was so intense that it felt like an annoyance to those around him. "Why aren't you trying?" - I often asked, but he would not find a medium that he could express himself the way he felt was right. Not a painter, he tried basic drawing and watercolors. Having a natural sense for beauty and balance, his understanding of color and composition was evident. However, drawing and watercolors were not his medium. Being a custom framer by trade for over 10 years, he learned to admire and love art in all shapes and styles.

Photography was an ever-present medium in his life. His father, an avid amateur photographer, had cameras and films around the childhood home. This sparked little Xavier's curiosity, yet it wasn't until his adulthood that photography took center stage in this artist's body of work. However, his love for art came from his mother. An artist herself, she thought Xavier to understand, support and respect the arts, even at a very early age.

In 1990, Xavier began his professional artful career as a custom framer. His business, named Brignoni's Framing Services, had a full-service and personal touch as he visited customer, took orders, picked up art work and delivered framed orders. His popularity grew as he became the primary framer for prominent clients such as the Ambassador Hotel & Casino, Alcon, Goya and various emerging and established artists, who sought after his well established reputation and immaculate service.

Finally, Brignoni started taking pictures and playing with filters, lighting and others to create his photographic works. Innevitably, the mixed media works began. Traces of his former practices of drawing, interior design and collage constructions opened the doors to his current works. His love for vintage looks and styles in fashion play an important role in the subjects. Architecture, which is yet another one of Brignoni's admired forms of art, also plays a role in what forms his collections of photos and mixed media pieces.

Brignoni co-owned daas Gallery from 2008 to 2012, alongside yours truly. We are co-founders the Fort Myers Art Walk and the current headquarters where we work, The Union Artist Studios. Xavier Brignoni's works have been shown in various galleries around Southwest Florida. He is also an avid art collector and supporter of the arts and culture in his community. Prior to the gallery's opening, we had worked together at The David Acevedo Art Studio where a variety of memorable art exhibitions led to the emergence of daas in downtown Fort Myers, FL. 

Xavier Brignoni has not given up on his dream to re-establish a new art space. Alongside myself, we plan on creating an art gallery and studio to continue promoting the arts in our city.

David Acevedo, visual artist